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Chernobyl exhibit proves valuable investment of time

Chernobyl exhibit proves valuable investment of time

Henry Brettingen

December 7, 2019

The exhibit “After the Explosion: Documenting Chernobyl” is a unique experience, revealing rare insight into the historic tragic explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor. Through the exhibit, the immediacy of the disaster becomes palpable and reveals additional insight into the Soviet regime. The ...

Six stars for ‘SIX’

Six stars for ‘SIX’

Marta Hill

December 3, 2019

A pop concert, a history lesson and an empowering story all combine into one breathtaking performance, "SIX," at  the Ordway Center for Performing Arts. The premise of the show is comprised of Henry VIII’s six wives forming a high-energy pop group. Because of their competitive nature, the quee...

Impossibly delicious

Impossibly delicious

Tobias Khabie

October 10, 2019

I was thrilled when I heard Burger King had released the Impossible Whopper, a burger with a patty that is 100% vegan. The patty is mostly made out of soy, potato protein, and food starch, among other ingredients. It’s made by a company called Impossible Foods, which was  founded in 2011 with a go...

Dogs day event enlivens owners, pets

Dogs day event enlivens owners, pets

Lucy zumBrunnen

May 8, 2019

I was curious in what going to “All About Dogs Day” would entail, excited to participate and meet all the dogs present at the event. In all honesty, it wasn’t exactly what I expected, there was a lot more to see and participate in. It was held April 27 at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Var...

Local pad thai flavors vary

Local pad thai flavors vary

Noah Orloff

April 9, 2019

I tasted vegetarian pad thai at five different local restaurants, reviewing the various components that make up a pad thai. The reviews below are not based off authenticity or traditionality — subjects that I am not qualified for — instead it is simply how much I enjoyed each dish. I acknowledge...

‘Follow This Line’ leads visitors into architectural art

‘Follow This Line’ leads visitors into architectural art

Izzy Kanne

November 4, 2018

The Walker Art Center’s newest exhibit, “Follow This Line” by Siah Armajani, incorporates his work as an architect into the field of exhibition artwork. The pieces grow in size and detail as you go up each level of the building, and the ideas deepen along with them. Armajani is known best for his ...

Punch Bowl Social offers a different night out

Punch Bowl Social offers a different night out

Sydney Hall

December 20, 2016

According to national beverage director Patrick Williams, Punch Bowl Social, a new restaurant and bar in St. Louis Park, features many new activities, as well as various foods and drinks. “It’s a place with a lot of options. It’s a great place to do stuff as a group,” Williams said. “From private...

Harry and Olivia’s Oscar predictions

Olivia Sieff and Harry Steffenhagen

February 25, 2016

Echo's award show experts share their predictions for who will take home the film industry's most prestigious prizes Feb. 28.

Blaze Pizza flames competition

Shoshi Leviton and Olivia Sieff

October 14, 2015

Let’s break it down. Crust: Although the crust was extremely thin, it supported a multitude of toppings and a crackling crunch you could hear from across the room. Sauce: There wasn’t a lot of sauce to each bite, so a perfect option for those who usually scrape off the extra sauce. For the c...

Streetz American Grill dishes up a $5 burger worth trying

Streetz American Grill dishes up a $5 burger worth trying

Josh Scal

March 6, 2014

From Five Guys to MyBurger, the fast-casual burger joint is all the rage in the Twin Cities. Streetz American Grill in a way brings more of the same in an already-saturated market, but any burger fan should at least stop in for a quick service Monster Burger!!! or a noteworthy Coney Island dog. &nbs...

Vintage donut shop enhances Eat Street

Ivy Kaplan

October 10, 2013

With names such as Outlaw, Bombshell, and Misfit, the options at Eat Street’s Glam Doll Donut Shop are anything but ordinary. Glam Doll Donuts opened last February in Minneapolis, providing a vintage themed retreat for customers to fulfill their donut cravings. From the second a customer arrives...

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