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Lead with confidence

Ethan Brown

October 22, 2015

Becoming a counselor at my second home was something I had hoped to accomplish since the day I was dropped off at camp. I viewed my counselors as natural leaders, people who could keep everything together when no one else could. I soon learned it wasn’t that simple. I began a three-week program call...

Preserve the history

Sam Crary

September 28, 2015

Lake Calhoun is the biggest lake in Minneapolis and a favorite place for many to exercise and have fun, but its name is being challenged.

Don’t give homework on holidays

Jonah Kupritz

September 27, 2015

At the beginning of every school year, I celebrate two important non-Christian holidays, and every year I face the same dilemma of having homework on these important days of observance. This article does not intend to single out anyone or make accusations of anti-Semitism, but rather intends to sho...

Kentucky clerk’s claims are invalid

Jamie Halper

September 25, 2015

The First Amendment of the Constitution allows each of us the freedom to observe any religion we choose. Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk, believes this allows her to refuse marriage licenses to same-sex couples because their relationships are not consistent with her religious beliefs. Unfortunatel...

Let’s talk about sex

Brigid Duffy

September 25, 2015

From ads to movie scenes, to songs and the internet, sex surrounds society. The media imprints an improbable version of sex in our brains. Because of this assumption that sex is just like the movies, teenagers disregard the importance of practicing safe sex. According to a survey conducted by the Daily...

Change voting, keep crowns around

Alissa Meredith

September 22, 2015

Every fall, high schools across the nation practice the tradition of crowning a Homecoming king and queen. After many years of repetition, something needs to change. A new form of voting needs to be implemented. Each year, Park crowns a senior girl and boy as royalty in the school district. Many...

Don’t do away with tradition

Jonah Kupritz

September 5, 2015

Perhaps it’s hard to appreciate being pelted with water balloons or to watch a group of teenage boys twirl around in dresses in a dance that intermittently edges on illicit, but these instances share one valuable commonality: they are traditions. The aforementioned senior prank and senior boys’ danc...

Late start date limits education

Ilana Weinstein

September 2, 2015

For many, Labor Day symbolizes the end of summer, and for students in Minnesota, that is the law, and this law may inhibit learning and lower test scores. Minnesota is one of three states in which the first day of school must fall after Labor Day. Some districts manage to get waivers to start earli...

Should transgender teens have access to hormone therapy?

Brigid Duffy and Adah Koivula

September 2, 2015

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“Don’t Judge Challenge” promotes body shaming

Cedar Thomas

September 2, 2015

The Don’t Judge Challenge, originally started to promote self-love, soon turned into another way to shame people for their appearance. Videos with the hashtag #Don’tJudgeChallenge have flooded social media sites after beauty blogger Em Ford posted a video removing all her makeup to show her bar...

Planned Parenthood should be able to continue their work

Genesis Buckhalton

September 2, 2015

Congress wants to defund Planned Parenthood following the release of videos showing workers selling fetal tissue to researchers, but this would be a mistake. Women deserve to have the right to go anywhere they want for an abortion and other services. The videos that surfaced came from an anti-abortion group that b...

Gun violence requires action

Allison Cramer

June 16, 2015

Every day in the United States 89 people die from gun violence in homicides, suicides and accidents, according to the Brady Campaign, yet proponents of unreasonable gun rights are unwilling to compromise to save lives. The United States needs to take drastic action to fight this gun violence epidemic by en...

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