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Men help to produce change

Max Blackburn

March 25, 2016

Filed under Women's History Month

For hundreds of years, the struggle for gender equality has divided and affected many parts of life. Despite its sometimes negative reputation among men, feminism doesn’t just benefit women. Men should help women in the fight for equal rights because men can benefit from true gender equality. Me...

Feminist inspired many inside and out of the wizarding world

Maggie Bahnson

March 24, 2016

Filed under Women's History Month

Since a young age, Emma Watson’s iconic character, Hermione Granger, from the “Harry Potter” series, inspired me to be the feminist I am today. Granger's witty, dynamically feminist character in a primarily male-dominated film defies gender roles, proving that anyone can turn over social norms. Let's f...

Reproductive rights belong to the individual

Jayne Stevenson

March 23, 2016

Filed under Women's History Month

All women deserve the right to make decisions regarding their bodies. Under no circumstance should any person be told what they can or can’t do concerning their reproduction. In an ideal world, birth control would never fail and unwanted pregnancies would never occur. But in the case of unplann...

Don’t fear feminism

Ndunzi Kunsunga

March 22, 2016

Filed under Women's History Month

Actress Shailene Woodley holds an interesting view on gender issues — according to TIME Magazine, while she firmly believes in gender equality, she does not consider herself a feminist. I personally respect the view of believing in equality but not being a feminist. However, I do not agree with ...

Why I’m a feminist

Albie Sher

March 21, 2016

Filed under Women's History Month

You’re either a feminist or you’re not. There is no “I think women should be equal but...” If you believe men and women are equal, you’re a feminist. However, if your feminism does not include women of color, women in developing countries or transgender women, it is not feminism. Becau...

Lack of maternity leave creates difficulties

Hannah Wolk

March 18, 2016

Filed under Women's History Month

Paid maternity leave, which allows new mothers to bond with their babies and recover from birth, should be required by law in the United States to prevent parents from rushing back to work to maintain the financial stability of their families. According to the International Labour Organization, the United S...

Maya Angelou furthered society for the better

Alec Pittman

March 17, 2016

Filed under Women's History Month

Speaking out to the nation at President Clinton’s inauguration in 1993, Maya Angelou not only spoke out for herself, but also shared a vision for the entire nation. Born April 28, 1928 in St. Louis, Missouri, Angelou was born Marguerite Annie Johnson. Angelou earned her nickname as her brother be...

Publications statewide must stand behind First Amendment

Kaylee Chamberlain and Hannah Bernstein

March 16, 2016

Filed under Opinion Columns

The Echo will stand by all published material, regardless of student or administrative backlash. Our policy states that the Echo is a designated public forum for student expression. The newspaper’s intention in creating this policy, over 15 years ago, was to show that all voices must be heard, and...

Gender expectations trap, categorize

Lauren VonEschen

March 16, 2016

Filed under Women's History Month

I’m a feminist because no woman should face judgment for appearing “unladylike” and no man should be laughed at for not dressing and acting according to societal expectations. Our society continually develops mannerisms and daily rituals categorized into male and female. Everyone creates sep...

Apple’s refusal to hack iPhone protects user security

Peter Sherno

March 16, 2016

Filed under Opinion Columns

The FBI crossed a serious line in terms of consumer privacy when they asked Apple to unlock the iPhones of two suspected terrorists. By telling Apple to create software to extract data from personally locked iPhones, the FBI sets a dangerous precedent for digital security. The order, sent Feb. 16, crosse...

America’s second first lady pioneered women’s rights

Raphy Gendler

March 15, 2016

Filed under Women's History Month

One of U.S. history’s most famous wives was more than just a First Lady: Abigail Adams was an independent, political, pioneering feminist who refused to allow people to stick her in a gender role. Born in 1744, she married John Adams in 1764. A member of one of the country’s first political d...

Shattering the “glass ceiling”

Mimi Fhima

March 14, 2016

Filed under Women's History Month

Girls growing up in the United States find male leaders plastered on every media source — from billboards to televisions to cell phones. Leaders of multi-billion dollar corporations, like Bill Gates and Donald Trump, headline the news often. Even on the topic of women’s issues, men’s voices ...

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