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Gender expectations trap, categorize

Lauren VonEschen
March 16, 2016
Filed under Women's History Month

I’m a feminist because no woman should face judgment for appearing “unladylike” and no man should be laughed at for not dressing and acting according to societal expectations. Our society continually develops mannerisms and daily rituals categorized into male and female. Everyone creates sep...

America’s second first lady pioneered women’s rights

Raphy Gendler
March 15, 2016
Filed under Women's History Month

One of U.S. history’s most famous wives was more than just a First Lady: Abigail Adams was an independent, political, pioneering feminist who refused to allow people to stick her in a gender role. Born in 1744, she married John Adams in 1764. A member of one of the country’s first political d...

Shattering the “glass ceiling”

Mimi Fhima
March 14, 2016
Filed under Women's History Month

Girls growing up in the United States find male leaders plastered on every media source — from billboards to televisions to cell phones. Leaders of multi-billion dollar corporations, like Bill Gates and Donald Trump, headline the news often. Even on the topic of women’s issues, men’s voices ...

Women’s products cost more than men’s

Makagbe Kuyateh
March 11, 2016
Filed under Women's History Month

Being a woman comes with many benefits, but being a woman is also really expensive. On average, women spend $1,350 more than men each year for identical products, according to Consumer News and Business Channel. Women pay more for products and services than men, and statistically get paid less than men in the workforce. According to a study by the ...

Gender equality knows no boundaries

Ethan Brown
March 10, 2016
Filed under Women's History Month

My gender never has, and never will, interfere with my resolution to stand up against everyday inequality toward women. Being a feminist and a man never seemed like a horrible thing — my parents raised me that way. Not once as a kid did I ever hear it was acceptable to treat someone unfairly, rega...

Concept of virginity creates unfair standard

Olivia Sieff
March 9, 2016
Filed under Women's History Month

Sex is a common feature in society. It’s on the radio, TV and movie screens — it’s everywhere. Yet there’s a taboo surrounding virginity, specifically a woman’s virginity, that people refuse to discuss. For centuries, civilizations placed enormous emphasis on a woman’s virginity, with som...

Menstruation stigma used to oppress women

Hannah Bernstein
March 8, 2016
Filed under Women's History Month

Last week, a tampon slipped out of my jacket pocket. The man walking behind me yelled, ‘hey!” so I turned around and saw him staring at me with a horrified expression. He gestured vaguely at the ground and scrunched up his face before saying, “next time, try to keep your private stuff to yourself,...

8 microaggressions females face daily

Elise Riley
March 7, 2016
Filed under Women's History Month

Microaggressions are minor everyday offenses, intentional or unintentional, that target a specific group of people — in this case women. These small aggressions can be avoided through the respect, acknowledgement and encouragement of women. 1. Gender slurs We’ve all heard the phrase “stop ...

Gender norms discourage authentic expression

Harry Steffenhagen
March 4, 2016
Filed under Women's History Month

When I was 12, I was loading my suitcase into a trailer, preparing for a road trip. My friends and I were talking when I said, “I packed five outfits; one for every day.” An older gentleman interrupted me saying, “Harry, we’re men. We don’t pack outfits. We pack shirts and pants.” That ma...

Why I’m a womanist

Genesis Buckhalton
March 3, 2016
Filed under Women's History Month

A womanist consists of more than just being African American and feminist — it's a label I proudly claim. The formal definition of womanism is the realization that feminism does not encompass the perspectives of black women. An African American feminist? I thought there was no such thing. What I...

Court fails another sexual assault victim

Kaylee Chamberlain
March 2, 2016
Filed under Women's History Month

Rape affects millions of people in the United States alone and still predators face little to no consequences. As Kesha Sebert’s (Kesha) court case plasters every news source and Facebook feed, it brings attention to an issue that is too often overlooked — rarely is justice served in cases of sexual ...

Intergenerational conflict sets feminist movement back

Jamie Halper
March 1, 2016
Filed under Women's History Month

Since the first women’s rights convention at Seneca Falls in 1848, the feminist movement has sought the advancement of gender equality in all aspects of modern life. However, as the movement progressed through a series of waves of activism, this core objective has sometimes been lost in the conflict ...

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