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Sophomore strives for career in music

Sophomore strives for career in music

Anna duSaire

February 17, 2016

What made you decide to become a DJ? I have always been in love with music. Ever since I was little, I have loved Michael Jackson. He is one of my idols; I used to dance to him a lot. I just always was involved in music, and then about four years ago I realized what a DJ was and what they looked like...

Theater acts as medium to display talent

Theater acts as medium to display talent

Alec Pittman

January 17, 2016

How long have you been acting? Since third grade.   What made you first interested in acting? There was a musical that I saw in elementary school and I became very interested. The musical was “Cinderella.”   What is your favorite aspect of acting? You get to express your talents to everyone and can play...

Martial artist earns second black belt

Martial artist earns second black belt

Ruthie Hope

December 12, 2015

When did you start karate? I started karate about 6 years ago in January — fourth grade. How did you first become involved with karate? I was interested because I used to watch old kung fu movies with my dad. Bruce Lee inspired me. When I had the opportunity it was like an alterna...

Dancer to audition for ‘America’s Got Talent’

Dancer to audition for ‘America’s Got Talent’

Jayne Stevenson

October 23, 2015

How did you get into dance? My sister was a dancer, and I was in the dance setting since I was little. She started when she was 4. I was watching all the time, and I started to like it. My uncle showed me a video, and he said I should try doing the moves, so I did and I just got into it....

Choosing a career of her own design

Choosing a career of her own design

Ndunzi Kunsunga

September 5, 2015

Where did you learn to do this? Pretty much at home. The first time I learned how to sew, I was nine and there was a rip on something I was wearing and I tried to see if I could do it, and I actually managed to fix the hole. When I was in sixth grade, I got a sewing machine for Christmas, and that...

The Master of Illusions: Alexander Jonas (Video)

Daniel Vlodaver and David Hope

June 2, 2015

Witness the spectacle of senior Alexander Jonas's magic.

A new way to read music

A new way to read music

Sari Hattis

April 15, 2015

What is your favorite part about playing the flute? I like to create my own music. (It is) exciting and hard when I learn a new piece, but it is fun. How do you learn a new piece of music? I get help from a para(professional) named Daniel, but I mostly listen to a CD that Mr. Schmitz makes f...

Mindfulness through meditation

Mindfulness through  meditation

Maddy Bremner

March 16, 2015

How did you become interested in the practice of meditation? My dad is an acupuncturist, so he’s into all of that sort of new-age stuff. He meditates every day, and he taught me. Me and all my brothers meditate now. When did you start becoming interested in meditation? On and off...

Gearing up for competition

Gearing up  for competition

Sari Hattis

February 19, 2015

Activity: Keelyn Jones, BMX biking, an off-road style of biking that involves racing and stunts.

In the SPOTLIGHT: Filmmaker makes his mark

In the  SPOTLIGHT: Filmmaker makes his mark

John Kinney

January 21, 2015

How are you involved in filmmaking? I’m in the process of making my final film for the IB film class. Over the summer I also worked as a production assistant for an indie film. What’s your favorite part about filmmaking? I’m drawn to art in general, and film spoke to me since I was little...

Blade to glory

Blade to glory

Olivia Sieff

December 18, 2014

When did you start roller skating and why? I started roller skating in eighth grade because I work at my uncle’s gas station, which is right down the block. So it was something to do before a shift or while I was waiting for someone to come and pick me up. How often do you pra...

Gymnastics with a twist

Gymnastics with a twist

David Hope

November 18, 2014

Why did you decide to do contortion? My friends said I was really flexible, so I started practicing in my house. I realized I could do something most people can’t do, so I signed up for a class. What do you do at an average class? First we stretch, then we do the splits, backbends, joint ...

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