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Artist brings drawing to life

Senior Calvin Youngren sketches faces of random caricature-like people at his house to practice skills and prepare for his five hour class every Tuesday at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design Dec. 6.

Hannah Leff

January 13, 2017

How long have you been interested in art? My whole life, I’ve always been interested in art. I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t. I’ve always been sketching and drawing little pictures whether is was of “Star Wars” or “Spiderman,” just things I was into. What kind of classes do...

Freshman celebrates Irish culture, customs

Freshman Emma Tight dances (center) at the Landmark Center in St. Paul on St. Patrick’s Day 2016. Tight last danced at the Irish Fair this past August, and will be dancing Thanksgiving weekend in Chicago.

Alex Balfour

November 11, 2016

How long have you been Irish dancing? Nine years. How often and where do you practice? I practice at a studio in Edina called Corda Mor. I practice on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and two classes on Saturday and on Sunday. So typically five days a week. Why did you decide to start Irish dancing? I...

Meet the HAP Adviser: Peter Redmond

Meet the HAP Adviser: Peter Redmond

Sumaya Mohamed and D'aviyan Robinson

November 7, 2016

How did you come to teach at Park? “I moved out of Colorado where I began teaching, then came here. In September, I wasn't in the classroom and it felt very awkward, so I applied. Back then there was no online, you did it in the newspaper and I came here and got the job.” How long have you b...

Student broadens horizons

Senior Emily Doss with friends in South Africa. Doss said her travels abroad gave her perspectives as to privilages of United States life in St. Louis Park and the way in which others live elsewhere in the world.

Sam Orloff

September 22, 2016

How long were you in South Africa? For five and a half months. From January to June. Where in South Africa were you based? Did you travel around? I lived in Cape Town. I traveled a lot. I flew to Johannesburg a couple times, I went up north on safari’s, I traveled the West Coast lots too. ...

Business creates opportunities

Sophomore Brendan Lindstrom mows a lawn June 2. With a good mix of both sun and rain, Lindstrom said he has a sufficient amount of lawns to mow.

Alec Pittman

June 7, 2016

When did you first start your lawn mowing business? Last month. How many lawns do you mow in a season? At least 20 a week. What inspired you to first start your lawn mowing business? I just want to work for myself and it sounds like fun. Who else is involved in the business with you? I...

Freshman connects back to faith

Used with permission from Cecelia Brown.

Izzy Leviton

May 22, 2016

Who do you sing for? “New Hope Church and the Latino ministries. I play the (keyboard) and sometimes I do the guitar, which I am still learning.” How did you get into singing? “Ever since I was a little kid, I always sang with my sisters. I have two twin sisters, (who) are older th...

Senior prepares for future as law enforcement

Senior Elias Dehn stands outside the St. Louis Park Police Station before their weekly Police Explorers meeting April  5. Dehn plans on pursuing his interest to become an officer after he graduates high school.

Adah Koivula

April 13, 2016

What is the Police Explorers organization? It’s a national thing. We will be going to Nationals soon. We go to State and do competitions there. Then we go to Nationals and we do competitions there, but the scenarios are going to be different. We are competing at a bunch of different posts in the U...

Senior molds her body for competition

Muscle gains: Senior Clara Slade performs a bent-over row while she works out Feb. 25 in preparation for her first bikini competition. Slade’s next competition, called The NPC Gopher State Classic, is April 2 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Ndunzi Kunsunga

March 9, 2016

What are bikini competitions? Bikini (competitions are) more similar to pageants than figure and physique because bikini is not that muscular. The idea is that girls could diet for a couple months and then you can walk on stage. Any girl could do it if they have the self control. What I’ll be ...

Sophomore strives for career in music

Sophomore Joe Holloway mixes a Kendrick Lamar song in his bedroom Feb. 7. Holloway has been DJing for approximately a year-and-a-half and focuses on heavy bass and trap music.

Anna duSaire

February 17, 2016

What made you decide to become a DJ? I have always been in love with music. Ever since I was little, I have loved Michael Jackson. He is one of my idols; I used to dance to him a lot. I just always was involved in music, and then about four years ago I realized what a DJ was and what they looked like...

Theater acts as medium to display talent

Theater acts as medium to display talent

Alec Pittman

January 17, 2016

How long have you been acting? Since third grade.   What made you first interested in acting? There was a musical that I saw in elementary school and I became very interested. The musical was “Cinderella.”   What is your favorite aspect of acting? You get to express your talents to everyone and can play...

Martial artist earns second black belt

Sophomore Sam Birnberg performs his final move on his bo staff form for his black belt exam last April. Birnberg received his first black belt three years ago, his second one last April and hopes to continue adding onto his belt.

Ruthie Hope

December 12, 2015

When did you start karate? I started karate about 6 years ago in January — fourth grade. How did you first become involved with karate? I was interested because I used to watch old kung fu movies with my dad. Bruce Lee inspired me. When I had the opportunity it was like an alterna...

Dancer to audition for ‘America’s Got Talent’

Junior Tre Givens shows off his dancing skills at the Day One pep-fest Sept. 8.

Jayne Stevenson

October 23, 2015

How did you get into dance? My sister was a dancer, and I was in the dance setting since I was little. She started when she was 4. I was watching all the time, and I started to like it. My uncle showed me a video, and he said I should try doing the moves, so I did and I just got into it....

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