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Junior sings in selective youth choir

Amaya Fokuo rehearses in the VocalEssence choir Nov. 19. The group of high school students rehearses every Monday 4:30-7:30 p.m. at Augsburg University. The next VocalEssence concert is at 7:30 p.m. Dec.1.

Marta Hill

December 7, 2018

What did VocalEssence do with Josh Groban? I sing for a company called VocalEssence. VocalEssence basically got an invite from Josh Groban’s people to pick a gospel choir of about 20 people to sing backup for him. What does being in VocalEssence entail? It is a performing arts program for singers. We ar...

Junior works as Chipotle kitchen manager

Junior works as Chipotle kitchen manager

Noah Orloff

December 2, 2018

According to junior Elliott Rickert, who started his job at the St. Louis Park Chipotle Mexican Grill location toward the end of June, his responsibilities consist of overseeing the restaurant. “I’m a kitchen manager,” Rickert said. “I have to make sure all of the food is kept up so ...

Singer pursues career in music

Sophmore Leo Dworsky practices one on one with his choir teacher Mr. Myszkowski.

Noah Orloff

December 1, 2018

As sophomore singer Leo Dworsky performs, he said his favorite parts of singing are developing relationships with others as well as improving his own vocal technique. “I love connecting with other people, but I don’t just do it for others. I do it for myself to better myself,” Dworsky said. ...

Soccer captain to play in Germany

Senior Zinedine Kroeten strikes the ball passing it to a fellow teammate during the game against Washburn Oct. 6. The game ended in Park's demise with a final score of 1-2.

Tamar Gewirtz

November 6, 2018

This coming winter, senior soccer player Zinedine Kroeten will be going off to Germany to play for soccer team Werderbrenem. According to Kroeten, this opportunity arose only recently. “I went to guest play for this team in Chicago. I did really well there, so the coach of the team showed the videos of...

Sophomore explores beekeeping

Equipped with a metal scraper, Franklin meticulously cleans the surface of the hive careful to avoid disturbing the bees.

Emma Leff

November 2, 2018

  When did you start beekeeping? I started beekeeping six years ago. What kind of bees are they? Italian gold. How does the process work? We buy hives and put them in our backyard. We monitor them and make sure they're doing okay and have enough nectar. We plant flowers aro...

Student teacher aids Allison Luskey

Jenna Wollitz assists health teacher Allison Luskey. She is a master's student at Augsburg University.

Gabriel Kaplan

November 1, 2018

Graduate student Jenna Wollitz said she is enjoying her work at Park as she spends time back in high school in pursuit of her master’s degree. “I am a masters student at Augsburg University, and I am going for my masters in education with an emphasis on health education,” Wollitz said. “Be...

Math teacher returns to full-time teaching

Keisha Piehl helps students in her Advanced Algebra AB class. Piehl tries to leave time at the end of each class for students to ask questions.

Emma Leff and Anika Hanson

October 30, 2018

After long-term subbing for math teacher Christina Begin last spring, Keisha Piehl said she decided to return to full-time teaching this year. According to Piehl, she is still adjusting to teaching full-time. “I am still working to find my groove on managing my time well,” Piehl said. “I really want to ge...

Stage manager for ‘9 to 5 the Musical’ works towards success

Senior Nietzsche Deuel feeds lines to actors during theater rehearsal Oct. 24. Deuel is the active stage manager for '9 to 5 the Musical.'

Sofia Seewald and Maggie Klaers

October 25, 2018

Senior Nietzsche Deuel said she has enjoyed working with both the cast and crew for ‘9 to 5 the Musical’ and previous theater productions as the stage manager. “I get to work with all the parts of theater, because usually cast works with cast and crew works with crew, but as stage manager I...

Seniors compose full-length album

Senior Ben Klepfer listens to senior Marco Giovannelli as he plays the piano, Sept. 15. Klepfer and Giovannelli recently created an album together called

Maggie Klaers

October 9, 2018

How can people listen to the album? Klepfer: You can listen to it on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. Giovannelli: You can stream it, but you can buy it too on some of the sites that aren’t necessarily streaming. If you don’t have Spotify or Apple Music, it’s av...

Italian exchange student adjusts to Park life

Italian exchange student, senior Eléna Jommi talks with her new friends at lunch Sept. 19 in the cafeteria.

Yonit Krebs

October 8, 2018

Moving from her home country of Italy to St. Louis Park, Minnesota was not an easy transition, according to exchange student, senior Elena Jommi. She said beyond language difficulties, she had trouble adjusting to the fact that she doesn’t know anyone at Park. “It’s difficult for me to explain,” Jo...

Ilsa Olsen’s art places third at State Fair

Senior Ilsa Olsen practices her painting skills after school Sept. 18. Olsen won third place for her watercolor art piece at the State Fair.

Noah Orloff

October 2, 2018

Senior Ilsa Olsen said enthusiasm was her first reaction after receiving the news that she had placed third in a State Fair art competition. “I was really excited. I was actually at tennis practice, so I think it gave me a boost of energy there and I was just really happy,” Olsen said. Senior Marian M...

Ellen Pajor promotes student expression

SLP Nest coordinator Ellen Pajor cleans the cafe area in preparation for an upcoming food and health inspection.

Evie Nelson

September 27, 2018

How is your role classified throughout the SLP Nest? “I am the nest coordinator. That means I am the adult on site, if anybody needs anything, or if people come in and are new they can ask me. If you’re ever having an issue, you can come to me. My goal is to be as involved as the students wou...

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