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Freshman attends musical camp

Freshman Marco Giovannelli plays at the Colorado Suzuki Institute during the summer as part of the recital program.

Alec Pittman

April 24, 2016

At a young age, piano player freshman Marco Giovannelli surprised his music teacher when he played “Jingle Bells” on the fly with perfect flats and sharps. Giovannelli said he began attending the Colorado Suzuki Institute in the Rocky Mountains, where he practices piano and other instrume...

Freshman relaxes through art

Freshman relaxes through art

Adah Koivula

April 22, 2016

When freshman Ilsa Olsen sat down last summer at the Edina Art Center to begin her watercolor of purple flowers, little did she know what this piece would mean to her. The piece was also her most challenging work, according to Olsen. “There were some points when I was painting the purple flowers where the flowers jus ...

Freshman faces struggles in school

Freshman Abby Feldman deals with dyslexia on a daily basis. She said although the diagnosis comes with disadvantages, she pushes through and finds the positive. (Photo illustration).

Abby Hickstein

April 21, 2016

Freshman Abby Feldman looks at the board in class, trying to decipher the letters that spell out the word abandon, but because of her dyslexia, she cannot tell the difference between the D and B. Feldman said she found out she was dyslexic from her doctor at the age of 8. “I went in for ADH...

Freshman faces Muslim stereotypes

Freshman Gaidah Azem stands with her family near Jerusalem during their summer 2015 trip. Both Azem and her mother, Duaa Azem, do not wear a hijab.

Anna duSaire

April 19, 2016

When freshman Gaidah Azem first arrived in Jerusalem in the summer of 2015, many people in the local community stared at her — not because her makeup was messy, but because she was not wearing a hijab. Azem said images often associated with the Muslim religion frustrate her. “When I'm tell...

Varsity tennis player welcomes challenges

Junior Jared Zirkes prepares to take a shot April 13 at his tennis scrimmage against Providence Academy. The varsity team has their first match 4 p.m. April 20 at the St. Louis Park High School tennis courts.

Mimi Fhima

April 18, 2016

With the boys’ spring tennis season starting soon, junior Jared Zirkes anticipates a challenging year because of less players. Zirkes said he began playing tennis a few years ago, but became more involved when he started playing in tournaments. “I take a lot of afterschool lessons and do a lo...

Junior supports from bench

Junior Riley Hannon cheers with the freshman basketball team in the old gym. Hannon said he hopes to attend the University of Wisconsin, Madison because he likes their sports teams.

Max Kent

April 16, 2016

Junior Riley Hannon said he always looked forward to the varsity basketball and baseball games where he would manage the team from the bench. Now, as he looks toward his final year of high school, he hopes to be an honorary player of the basketball team. “I like all sports, but basketball is my ...

Junior strives to help those in need

Junior strives to help those in need

Kate Huber

April 15, 2016

Junior Kamia Guy did not instantly recognize her passion for helping others when she decided to become Bird Feeder manager. Rather, Guy said her decision was involuntary. “I first applied for Bird Feeder manager because I didn’t have transportation to my volunteering site. I needed to do some sor...

Freshman looks to impact community

Freshman looks to impact community

April 14, 2016

After growing up surrounded by her family’s political debates, freshman Cailey Hansen-Mahoney developed an interest in local politics, choosing to participate by joining the Community Education Advisory Council. According to the St. Louis Park Community Education website, the Community Education Advisory Council...

Actor, comedian takes center stage

Actor, comedian takes center stage

Raphy Gendler

April 13, 2016

When senior Ethan Fogel describes his “off-brand humor,” he references the wide variety of comedic acts available. “My humor can sometimes fluctuate between making fart noises and making obscure pop culture references,” Fogel said. Fogel said his humor comes in part from his father. ...

Senior joins sport for final year of high school

Senior joins sport for final year of high school

Jayne Stevenson

April 11, 2016

Senior Raymond Stack remembers the enjoyment he felt sprinting alongside his friend to finish his final race of this past cross country season. According to Stack, he began running because it looked like a good way to clear his mind.   “When you get tired from working out I just feel l...

Senior explores alternative options

Senior explores alternative options

Jamie Halper

April 10, 2016

As senior Ben Freund looks toward his final months of high school, he’s excited to see where his post-high school plans will take him. Freund plans to attend a Kerem B'Yavneh yeshiva in Israel next year. “I’ll be taking a gap year and doing a yeshiva program and then after that some college...

Athlete aspires to play professional baseball

Sophomore Kai McKee stands in the center field during a baseball game. McKee said he aspires to play for the Japanese team, the Chunichi Dragons.

Alissa Meredith

April 9, 2016

Sophomore Kai McKee shakes off his nerves as he steps up to home plate and anticipates a fastball from the top of the mound. McKee said athletics are a big part of his everyday life. Ever since he was in second grade, he said he’s dreamed of someday traveling the world and playing baseball for the Ja...

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