New exhibit at Weisman Art Museum tackles global warming

Artwork series showcases impact of climate change

Sofia Seewald

For students interested in learning about mankind’s impact on two regions on opposite ends of the globe, the Weisman Art Museum’s “Vanishing Ice: Alpine and Polar Landscapes in Art” exhibit is the place to go.

From landscape paintings, photographs and videos, to a large tent and sled intended for the harsh arctic climate, the exhibit captures the beauty of the earth’s frozen lands.

When walking into the museum, to the left, a massive and creative wall display stands, demonstrating the amount of water both poles have lost together from 1860 to present day. It’s incredibly powerful, not only to see these numbers, but to see the several other artistic interpretations of this severe environmental dilemma throughout the showcase.

The remainder of the exhibit is composed of two open galleries. One displays artwork from the Alpine mountain ranges and Arctic and the other from Antarctica. Both include a short explanation of the region and dramatically demonstrate the clear transformations taking place in the icy landscapes.

The variety of art forms these galleries incorporate allow all ages to find the exhibit engaging. While adults roam the gall

eries, kids can enjoy playing in the massive tent and crawling into a sleeping bag designed for researchers sleeping in dangerous arctic climates.

While walking through the two galleries, visitors hear the different hair-raising sounds ice makes. The display also showcases an ice pyramid sculpture by the main entrance which is meant to melt overtime.

According to the Weisman Art Museum’s website, the exhibit depicts a unique aspect of the importance of ice in the eyes of several individual artists.

Vanishing Ice offers a glimpse into the rich cultural legacy of the planet’s frozen frontiers. International in scope, the exhibition traces the impact of glaciers, icebergs, and fields of ice on artists’ imaginations – giving another perspective on why ice matters.”

The exhibit is free of charge and a perfect opportunity for students looking to learn more about the Alpine, Arctic and Antarctic regions.

“The Vanishing Ice: Alpine and Polar Landscapes in Art” exhibit at the Weisman Art Museum will be on display from now through May 13th, 2018.




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