Disney+ sparks controversy

New streaming service available for purchase

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Disney+ sparks controversy

Art by Emmy Pearson

Art by Emmy Pearson

Art by Emmy Pearson

Art by Emmy Pearson

Anna Benishek

According to cinema teacher Andrew Carlson, he already ordered Disney+ and hasn’t cancelled other streaming apps. Currently, he’s paying for four services. 

“I have already pre-ordered it and I’m waiting for it to start Nov. 12,” Carlson said. “I did purchase it and have not cancelled my other streaming services so currently I have four streaming services, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and now I have Disney+.”

Carlson said he doesn’t believe Disney will run other streaming services out of business, but a good amount of people will buy Disney+ since they offer a lot of popular content.

“They’re (Disney). Just starting out they already have the entire Marvel canon, they’ve got the entire Star Wars canon and they got all of the other films,” Carlson said. “They’re just going to keep amassing more and more. I don’t necessarily see them driving Netflix out of business or anything because that’s too big of a corporation as well.”

According to junior Koby Davis, it’s frustrating that he won’t be able to watch his favorite shows from Disney now that they’re having their own streaming service. 

“I think the different streaming services in general from all the different providers are a complete pain and provide users with difficult access to their favorite shows,” Davis said.

Davis said it would be convenient to have one general platform with shows and movies that doesn’t produce their own products. 

“They’re going to be competing with services like Apple (TV+) and Netflix and CBS streaming service and that’s just more inconvenient for the user,” Davis said. 

According to junior Kate Gage, she already pays a considerable amount for other streaming services and doesn’t want those services to remove Disney movies.

“I can see how it’s a good idea from Disney’s standpoint. They do make a lot of money off of it and now (it would) be giving them more,” Gage said. “As a consumer I have a Netflix subscription, I have Roku. I’m already paying for so many things (that are) taking off Disney movies.”

Gage said she’s heard about Disney+ from other students around the school and many news articles.

“They are definitely movies that I would want to watch. They own so many movie franchises that I didn’t even know they owned,” Gage said. “They just keep growing so it kind of annoying as a consumer knowing that I won’t be able to watch those unless I pay.”

Disney+ was released Nov. 12 starting at $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. 

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