‘Alien Worlds’ proves interesting as show explores potential extraterrestrial life

In-depth look into a variety of creatures and exoplanets


Fair use from Netflix. A variety of alien creatures shown existing from four different exoplanets. The “Alien Worlds” Netflix documentary series focuses on the life of animals on Earth and those in exoplanets.

Maria Perez Barriga

The four episode documentary series on Netflix’s “Alien Worlds” portrays what it would be like with creatures existing on different planets. This series is worth watching for those interested in science and exploring or wanting to learn more about the universe.

“Alien Worlds” dives deep  into comparing life on earth and four other different exoplanets. Exoplanets are planets similar to Earth but reside outside of our solar system. The four exoplanets that are shown are: Atlas, Janus, Eden and Terra. The show imagines what life could be like on those exoplanets. The show imagines what life is like on those exoplanets and displays different roles aliens have on the planets they live.

The science fiction aspect of the series was very fascinating. The first exoplanet explored was Atlas. In Atlas there are creatures known as “sky grazers” which are always flying. Janus had “pentapods” which are five-legged creatures. On Eden it showed plants and predators of grazers on the ground. On the planet Terra it showed intelligent life. Each episode had its own similar comparisons to our Earth shown. They talked about similarities of our animals to the imagined creatures living on their exoplanet which was intriguing.

The graphic design of the aliens was extremely realistic. It was creepy getting to see the aliens act and do their own things as if they actually would in real life. In the series, I got to learn a lot of information on how each alien creature lived and what their roles were. Another intriguing feature about the show was the topics each episode had and how the topics relate to Earth’s animals and exoplanet aliens. I learned so much about animals on earth and the similarities and differences they had with the creatures on the exoplanets. 

Although “Alien Worlds” was very interesting to watch, there were some parts that were quite boring and slow, so I wish they picked up the pace at certain times. They have a lot of information shown, but at times not much would be happening. It was great that they brought over experts on certain animals and let them talk about what specific animals do. I did like the mini-series documentary being mixed with science fiction. The length of time for each episode was reasonable. 

Overall this show was interesting due to being able to see aliens from other planets come to life. I enjoyed learning about exoplanets and knowing more about Earth and the possibilities of what other life could look like. It was exciting to see aliens and getting to know how each one functioned. I recommend people watch it to see how amazing the graphics and the information about each alien creature are. 

“Alien Worlds”-★★★★☆