Streetz American Grill dishes up a $5 burger worth trying

Street vendor vibe serves up casual classics from around the country

Jonah Resnick

Josh Scal

From Five Guys to MyBurger, the fast-casual burger joint is all the rage in the Twin Cities. Streetz American Grill in a way brings more of the same in an already-saturated market, but any burger fan should at least stop in for a quick service Monster Burger!!! or a noteworthy Coney Island dog.


Overall: ★★★/4


Food: ★★★½

With significant competition from other burger chains, Streetz must plate burgers that stand out from the crowd to stay in business. In this , they have no problem. With a plump, juicy, fill-out-the-bun patty as a base, it almost seems a waste to spoil it with gimmicky toppings. Yet, the restaurant does not skimp on these additions, and both the regular burger and many of its gorgeously-topped compatriots are worth a taste.


The fries, while not exceptional, certainly provide worthy company for the burgers. A little lacking on salt and crispiness, the skin-on taters still  rival their competitors. Here, some toppings like chilli or truffle oil go a long way to spice up a basket of fries that may not taste as satisfying on their own.


Atmosphere: ★★½

From the menu to the wallspace, the restaurant tries to bring the street favorites it serves to the attention of the customer’s eye. Ample seating space and a pleasant color scheme give the place a sleek, modern look. Still, massive word cloud decorations seem played out already in 2014, and much of the decor fails to convey any real authenticity to the food.


Menu and service: ★★★½

Playing off an expansive menu of street favorites, choosing only one entree proves excruciating. Prices match those of competitors, and generous serving sizes ensure customers will not go home hungry. Friendly cashiers and servers give a friendly face to the order-at-the-counter operation.

Web preview: In a world of endless 5-minute burgers, Streetz American Grill holds its own against competitors like 5 Guys and MyBurger. With a street vendor-themed menu, the chain adds variety and nuance to burgers, sandwiches, and salads through sampling different regional favorites. Any burger fan would do well to stop by the joint, located less than 10 minutes from Park in downtown Hopkins.