Blaze Pizza flames competition

Pizza places come and go, but Blaze Pizza is forever

Shoshi Leviton and Olivia Sieff

Let’s break it down.

Crust: Although the crust was extremely thin, it supported a multitude of toppings and a crackling crunch you could hear from across the room.

Sauce: There wasn’t a lot of sauce to each bite, so a perfect option for those who usually scrape off the extra sauce. For the cheese pizza, the sauce was a bit too sweet, but the added oregano and sea salt balanced it out. On the other hand, the BBQ chicken pizza featured BBQ sauce instead of marinara; the perfect alternative.

Cheese: When you took a bite out of your slice, the cheese fortunately did not stretch and leave you with cheese hanging down your face, something usually inevitable with pizza. The wide variety of cheeses to choose from left you not overwhelmed, but intrigued. From parmesan to gorgonzola, the options were endless.

Service: Blaze’s service was a 12/10. The minute you walked into the door, they greeted you with a friendly hello and asked for your name, making an instant connection.

Overall: 9/10