Lizzo’s new album delivers new era

‘Cuz I Love You’ adds to already impressive discography


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Amaia Barajas

Going into this album I had serious expectations for Lizzo. I love Lizzo and I wanted this album to showcase the talent she possesses. I will say, Lizzo’s major record label debut “Cuz I Love You” has some of the best, most uplifting songs I’ve heard in a while. The songs range from pop ballads to soulful, there’s a song for everyone in this album.

The album starts off with a powerful song “Cuz I Love You.” I recommend this song to everybody. Her vocals on the songs are so strong and she almost has a deep growl for a voice in the song.  There is a reason this song is on the first track, it perfectly opens for an amazing album.

The next song on the tracklist is a certified girl power jam, “Like a Girl.” Not to discredit other girl power songs, but this song deserves to hold the number one spot for inspiring songs. It’s fun, it’s fresh and it makes you want to dance. This song should immediately get added to any playlist you have. Besides the sheer fun this song is, the lyrics are so clever and genuinely showcase how talented Lizzo really is. One of Lizzo’s strengths is her lyrics and the flow she has, which reminds me of Beyoncé in the way she can rap and sing at the same time.

A song that stood out the most for me was the soulful song “Jerome.” This song hit me like a ton of bricks, it was just that good. I could listen to this song all day, every day, I don’t think it would ever get old. “Jerome” sounds reminiscent of the Rihanna song“Love on the Brain,” but it was slowed down a little bit too make it sound more soulful.

The rest of the songs from the album are equal parts positive and fun. All the songs have the attitude Lizzo is most known for, especially the song “Tempo” featuring Missy Elliott. That song is heavily influenced by rock and old hip-hop sounds, and that’s what makes it so different from all the other songs on the album.

The only bad thing I have to say about the album is the last four songs, “Exactly How I Feel,” “Better in Color,” “Heaven Help Me” and “Lingerie” are not my favorite. I wouldn’t listen to them as much as the first few songs, but they are still very good at maintaining the vibe of the whole album.

All in all, the album is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time. I recommend everyone to take the time out of your day and listen to this album.


“Cuz I Love You:” ★★★★☆