‘IGOR’ provides another fresh take on rap genre

Production leads way in fourth full length album

Fair Use from Genius

Fair Use from Genius

Amaia Barajas

As the beginning notes of “IGORS THEME” play, listeners can tell this will oppose Tyler, The Creators previous album “Flower Boy.” “IGOR” is a completely separate beast of music. The album further proves Tyler, The Creator’s pure musical talent and the fact that there is no box or genre designed for him. “IGOR” follows Tyler as he falls in and out of love, told through seemingly random verses instead of clear, structured verses. The lack of structure and heavy emphasis on production creates a whimsical story and vibe through his album. In order to create this story, “IGOR” needs to be listened to in the order listed.

The first actual song with structured verses is “EARFQUAKE” with a verse featuring Playboi Carti. The song holds a heavy R&B vibe that is somewhat different than his past work, but its sound remains a little inconsistent. Carti’s flow brings a different energy to the track and offers an interesting listen as he is out of his elements in terms of beats he usually raps over. Tyler’s purposefully pitched vocals in the majority of the tracks on “IGOR” create a drastically different sound from his past works.

“I THINK” sounds similar to his other songs, voice-wise. The song creates a heavy contrast between the upbeat instrumental, with more melancholy lyrics about being confused with love. While the song had its own Tyler flare of heavy synths and using what sounds like TV static in the back, I can’t help but think I’m listening to a BROCKHAMPTON song. The production sounds very reminiscent of that band’s sound, while still staying original to the overall vibe of the album. The songs sound very natural and not very structured, which is something that is consistent in the album; expect the unexpected with this album.

Another song that seems to have its own sound is “RUNNING OUT OF TIME”. The song sounds like a video game, adding more to the nostalgic vibe of the album. Every voice is pitched in a different way and he almost never uses his natural rap voice for the songs. This further proves Tyler, The Creator’s musical evolvement and how this album is completely separate than his past works.

Further listening to the album proves that the star of this album is the production, not the voice. and not the voice, The lyrics are cool but pale in comparison to the production. Every song is very unique, but each manages to carry the story of the album and the dreamy, whimsical vibe it gives off.

Overall, “IGOR”  provided a refreshing sound. It was different from anything I’ve heard in his past works, making this album very unique. Tyler, The Creator has been good in the past, but this album shows more of his artistic side and his own personal growth.


“IGOR:” ★★★★☆