Four claps for ‘Friends’

Shared experience with live audience makes event memorable


Art by Maggie Klaers

Talia Lissauer

When I heard there was going to be a “Friends” theatrical showing of 12 of the most iconic episodes from the show for its 25th anniversary, I couldn’t have been more excited.

Watching “Friends” in theaters was like watching it for the first time. Although I can quote the majority of lines and was expecting every joke, having a live, energetic audience made it special. Every time Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) made a joke, laughter reverberated throughout the room. Dramatic scenes silenced the theater. When a major couple got together, the whole theater cheered.

Walking into the theater on the first night I was expecting 90 minutes of extras, behind the scenes and four episodes, but that didn’t happen. The event was just four episodes but if you got to the theater early, you could see one five-minute-clip that was repeated three times before the first episode started. I was hoping the extras and behind the scenes would play throughout the four episodes to make the night more spectacular, but was disappointed they were only in the beginning.

The four claps in the theme song are undeniably iconic and the audience proved that all three nights, by clapping along with the music. Although only a few brave people clapped on the first night, but by the last episode on the final night almost the w

hole theater was clapping along and every time this happened giggles filled the theater. This energy made me excited for the next episode every time the theme song played.

When I first saw the episode lineup, I was disappointed that a few of my favorites weren’t included, bu

t with the exception of “The One with the

Rumor” and “The One with Unagi”, They did a great job highlighting the best parts of the show. They showed a majority of the major relationships, breakups, life-altering decisions, ups and downs of all the main characters. While still making sure to give us lots of laughs and cries.

My favorite episode of all time is “The One Where Everyone Finds Out,” and seeing it on the big screen helped me pick up on hidden jokes I never noticed before. There were moments when the audience gasped, laughed and cried happy tears, all in that episode.

The celebration wasn’t only in theaters, they also did a remake of the theme song with Meghan Trainor and a light show at the Empire State Building. Along with creation of a friends inspired app that has filters and stickers.

Watching “Friends” in theaters was a great experience. However, other shows may not work as well in a live theater because they don’t have the same energy and heart “Friends” has. “Friends” is a timeless show and I could feel that in theater with dozens of people surrounding me, with the same love for it as I have.


“Friends 25”: ★★★★☆