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Lizzo performs with positive energy

Fair use from Atlantic Records

Fair use from Atlantic Records

Izzy Kanne

In her return to Minneapolis, Lizzo sold out The Armory not once, but twice. Performing for approximately 8,000 in the audience both nights, she did not disappoint.

Sophia Eris, Lizzo’s DJ, set the mood for the night with a mix of 90’s and modern R&B. Eris got the crowd excited for the main performer before welcoming opening act Ari Lennox. Lennox had a soulful tone in her songs, keeping her set more laidback. The singer performed songs from her debut studio album, “Shea Butter Baby.”

After a short break, the lights went down and the main event began. A curtain dropped revealing a stage made to look like an altar with “Lizzo” written in neon letters. The signs and lights flashed in various colors as the bass started to shake the building.

Lizzo started her set with “Heaven Help Me,” filling the room with energy and dancing in unison with her four backup dancers, “The Big Girls.” The dancing was a huge addition to the performance and definitely a highlight of the night. In one portion of the show, Lizzo played “The Gigolo Game” with them to show off some of the dancers  moves before leading into her uplifting song, “Like A Girl.”

In between songs, Lizzo preached messages of self-love and positivity, something she is well known for. It’s one thing to hear a song about these things, but having an artist be so open and real about the importance of loving yourself in front of thousands hits home in a different way.

Lizzo had such a genuine attitude towards the crowd, complimenting their singing and continuously encouraging them to join along. At some points of the night, she took a seat near the edge of the stage to interact with the audience, or share her words of wisdom. 

Before singing her hit songs “Good As Hell” and “Truth Hurts,” the artist changed into a Minnesota Vikings jersey with her name on the back and shiny gold pants. Lizzo also incorporated her classically trained flute skills into her show, right before her encore of “Juice.”

Aside from being a talented artist, Lizzo is someone who was made to perform. She provided an unforgettable night filled with love and elation, and she’s someone everyone should see.


“Lizzo: Cuz I Love You Too Tour”: ★★★★★


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