Meet the new Feminism Club president

Junior Avia Kaner-Roth looks forward to next year

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Meet the new Feminism Club president

Dani Orloff

Why do you enjoy being involved in Feminism Club?

It’s a really important thing to be doing especially in this political climate. I think empowering women to stand up for themselves is something that needs to be taught when we are young.

What motivated you to take a leadership role in the club?

Something that made me want to take a leadership role is because it has been something I have been passionate about for a good few years, and I think that it could really further my passion and help people I’m connected to.

What are your goals for Feminism Club next year?

I think we definitely want to make it a lot more intersectional and diverse, so that it feels more open to people who might not feel like it has open to them before. I think that we want to make sure we get more members and that the material that we are presenting at our meetings is more accessible and relatable to kids at high school.

Do you plan to change anything about the club? If yes, what?

I think we are working on different meeting times because I know there’s a lot of kids that have extended essay, so we want to make sure the meetings are as accessible as possible for
anyone who wants to come.

What are you looking forward to next year?

I think we can definitely try and make a difference in this school, and I’m hoping that it goes well.

Who else will be taking a leadership role next year in Feminism Club?

As of right now, it’s going to be me and Esther Gendler in leadership positions, but we are looking to extend that to more kids.

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