Satirical news source reignites spark

Changes include new adviser, content


Ruthie Hope

Park Spark adviser Will Tanberg observes as seniors Justin Less and Henry Feldman discuss story ideas Feb. 17. Tanberg replaced previous adviser Chris Nordmark this year.

Sam Orloff

The ParkSpark, Park’s satire club, recently added a new adviser, updated its website and created a podcast series, according to ParkSpark editor-in-chief senior Justin Less.

Less said new adviser Will Tanberg and the club work well together.

“With Tanberg, things are running smoother than ever,” Less said.

Tanberg said the mature humor used by ParkSpark writers impresses him.

“I’m always continuously in awe of the quality of the satire these students produce,” Tanberg said.

Sophomore Lindsey Prestholdt said the ParkSpark provides a place for students to express their interest in satire.

“I think it’s really cool that students have a place where they can express themselves with satire,” Prestholdt said.

Junior ParkSpark managing editor Ilana Weinstein said the club needed a new adviser after the club’s previous adviser, Chris Nordmark, became a father last year.

According to Tanberg, advising a club presents a new and different opportunity.

“Advising has been a really great experience so far and I’ve really enjoyed it,” Tanberg said.

According to junior ParkSpark member Jesse Schwartz, the change in adviser coincided with the development of new content, including a podcast.

“I like podcasts because they present a different form of entertainment,” Schwartz said. “The podcast we made really shows off the changes we are making.”

According to Weinstein, the changes, such as the podcast and website improvements, characterize an effort to improve in areas that have proven problematic in the past.

“The ParkSpark is always looking for new contributors,” Weinstein said. “We are open to new voices and fresh ideas.”

According to Less, the ParkSpark meets most Tuesdays after school in the At Large Lab.