Park Tech begins new business venture

Club turns to social media for advertising


Carissa Prestholdt

Senior Jackson Kubitza and Junior Jasper Hoff take a look at Park Tech's new Instagram. Senior Michel Ramirez is the official Instagram manager, while other members aid with suggestions.

Sofie Geretz

Social Media is significant in connecting to a base of people and gauging overall club interest, according to junior and Park Tech member James Peterson. 

“An Instagram is important, because you can connect to your market through their phone, something they have on them at all times,” Peterson said. “It is also important, because you can see how you are interacting with your customers and how they react to posts much easier.”

Senior and co-leader of Park Tech Michael Ramirez said the club made the Instagram to connect with more people.

“We’re starting to lose contact with the common people in the school, so we want to be more modern, more hip, trying to reach out to the newer people,” Ramirez said. 

According to Ramirez, the Instagram will help to remind followers of Park Tech and create further understanding of the club.

“We started following everybody (on Instagram) so we can just get out there. (If) they follow back they’ll see our photos and say, ‘Oh, they exist. Okay, they do computers, that’s pretty cool,’” Ramirez said.

Peterson said the social media addition to Park Tech has already stirred more interest for the club.

“It actually been going well. More of the school knows of the program and we have gotten more coming in to get their tech repaired,” Peterson said. “The interaction is already better compared to last year. Business is much more popular right now, especially after we implemented the Instagram.”

Peterson said the skills the members gained from DECA are aiding the club, specifically regarding the marketing aspect.

“We are talking about that currently, using knowledge we learn from marketing classes and clubs like DECA,” Peterson said.

According to Ramirez, Park Tech has been publicizing the club in other ways besides social media.

“We’ve been going door to door people handing out flyers, posting stuff around coffee shops, talking to parents, friends,” Ramirez said.