Summer program designed to develop students in the workforce

Program builds skilled workers


Jayde Classen

Senior Sam Sietsema looks over the sign up process for the step up program Feb 3. The deadline for signing up for Step Up is Feb . 10.

Isra Mohamed

As summer approaches, many students who live in the Minneapolis area are looking forward to getting jobs from Step Up, a summer program designed to get students in the workforce. According to Step Up youth coordinator Theresa Stets, Step up’s main goal is to build strong, skilled workers.

“Step Up connects Minneapolis youth ages 14-21 with training and paid internships at over 200 top local employers,” Stets said. “We help organizations diversify their workforce and build a strong base of young, skilled workers for the entire region.”

Sophomore Samira Moalim said the program helped her learn about how jobs operate. 

“Coming in, I never had a real job before so I thought it was interesting to learn about the requirements of having a job,” Moalim said.

According to Stets, Step Up has a variety of different jobs including cleaning parks, working at a summer schools or working with kids at local recreation centers. Moalim said the program was rewarding and taught her lots of skills by the end of the summer.

“I was excited when I got my checks because I had worked hard for it. Also, I learned how to be professional in the workforce, come on time and work with other coworkers,” Moalim said. 

Step up sends out applications to former students who participated in it the previous years, but it’s not guaranteed that everyone will get a job since so many people apply.

According to sophomore Fatima Mohamed, she is hoping to get a chance to participate in the program, since she has never done it before.

“I heard about the program when I was in eighth grade,” Mohamed said. “I’m excited to be trying it out this year, since all of my friends have experienced it the previous years.

According to Stets, the deadline is rapidly approaching and students are applying as soon as possible.“Students can apply at, and the deadline will be Feb. 10, 2020,” Stets said.