Tech help provides support through Instagram

Members give out necessary tips, news


Jenna Benbow

Tech support team members meet over a Zoom call on Nov. 18 to go over future plans for tech support. The tech support team is currently working on making support videos through Instagram.

Adam Gips

After beginning distance learning March of last year, the student tech club was created to aid students on virtual platforms. Since its creation, it has developed the @slp_hybrid_learning Instagram page: an account posting the newest information and suggestions for students.

According to Spanish teacher and student tech club adviser Hanna Anderson, people believed the students at Park were tech-savvy. But, Anderson said students were visibly scattered after distance learning began.

“Last year, all of a sudden it became obvious that tech was such an important piece of distance learning. Teachers were all over the place,” Anderson said. “With technology, knowledge and mastery of all these apps, we sometimes assume for students that they know tech. But no, students are also all over the place.”

Sophomore Rachel Katzovitz said currently, the account is essential to keep Park on the same page with the constant changes and announcements.

“It’s important because especially in the distance setting, communication through teachers, students, the school and the families (needs) to run as smoothly as it can,” Katzovitz said. “It also is needed so everyone can get the most out of what’s going on right now in the pandemic and learning.”

According to senior Ella Miller, who runs the hybrid learning Instagram account, the page has continued to be an asset for students with Park’s recent shifts in its types of learning.

“Transitioning to distance learning, we wanted a way to try and reach out to as many students as possible, to help them use those resources,” Miller said. “But continuing from going to hybrid learning to distance learning, the page has continued to evolve and change to where (it’s most) needed and useful for students.”

According to Katzovitz, since students are already on social media, it makes it simple for them to access the information. 

“It’s a central place because if you’re using it for your own personal social media, then that information is already going to be on there so you don’t have to switch between different platforms to look for the information you need,” Katzovitz said. “That’s nice, easy and something the students can connect with.”

Anderson said the club’s goals for the future are to listen to the needs of the students and respond to them.

“There are two goals in mind or vision with two missions: to give students tech support as needed and to get student feedback,” Anderson said. “We really want this to be all about students. It’s been fun to have this collaboration.”

To receive help and hear about announcements, visit slp_hybrid_learning on Instagram. To join the club, email Hanna Anderson.