GSA welcomes all

Returning club starts up


Anisa Kahin

During a GSA meeting, members drew posters to advertise their club. The meeting happened in C351, Nov. 31.

As a new teacher and advisor of the GSA (Gender & Sexuality Alliance), Kara Marlin said that the GSA is a space for anyone and everyone who identifies as LGBTQ+ or an ally to come together. Marlin says the space is an opportunity for a wide range of topics. 

“We have had lots of different discussions already about specifically how do we improve the school for students who identify as LGBTQ? How do we make it a more welcoming place for them and make them feel safe and respected here?” Marlin said.

Freshman Aidan Lindell, who is an active member of GSA, said they hope that more people plan on joining the GSA, as they’ve found a sense of comfort in the space created.

“Hopefully we can find some more people,” Lindell said. “And to have it to continue being a space where I can be more comfortable.” 

With student-led clubs becoming more prominent, GSA has followed, according to Marlin. Marlin hopes the club can continue to be run by its members.

I am hoping that this is a group that will grow as something where it is fully student-led and students are taking charge and deciding how we’re going to spend our time for the whole year. Not just even meeting by meeting, but what our goals (are) as a group for the year,” Marlin said.

Marlin said that as difficult as it might be to balance out both their duties as a teacher and GSA advisor, they enjoy the space that the GSA has created and find themselves looking forward to it after a long day of school.

“I’ve got a really busy schedule, but it’s important to me that this group exists. And so it’s not hard to find like the time and energy to do this because it’s really important that we have it here.” 

Lindell believes GSA is a beneficial club at Park. 

I just think that it’s nice that it’s a thing we have that we can do and that,  I’m glad we have it,” Lindell said.

GSA meets every Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in C351. For more information and updates, contact Mx. Marlin @[email protected].