Brief overview of impeachment process

Trump impeachment inquiry explained


Samantha Klepfer

The United States Capitol in Washington D.C. Congress plays a strong role in the impeachment process.

Talia Lissauer and Sophie Livingston

The recent impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump has left many students curious about how the impeachment process works. The official impeachment process is not laid out in the Constitution, leaving the House to decide the official rules for each inquiry. Unlike previous impeachment inquiries, the Trump investigation is being led by the House Intelligence Committee. Being impeached is similar to being indicted for a crime; if any high-level official is impeached, it does not mean they are removed from office. Examples of impeachable offenses include bribery, treason, high crimes and misdemeanors. In United States history, there have been three official impeachment inquiries, two were impeached and one resigned.