President Trump’s fate to be decided Feb. 5

Senate denies witnesses

Talia Lissauer

The Senate voted Jan. 31 to not allow witnesses or any new evidence to be considered in the trial. The motion was denied 51-49 paving the way for the seedy trial President Donald Trump and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell wanted. 

After the vote both the minority and majority leaders of the Senate met to discuss the timeline of the rest of the trial. They agreed to have the Senate vote Feb. 5. Ensuring Feb. 3—Feb. 5 for closing arguments as well as time for senators to take the floor.

Feb. 3 is the Iowa caucus, the first state to go in the primary elections. The trial will run through the caucus which means the four senators running for office will have to stay in D.C. while the caucus is happening. Trump is scheduled to give his annual State of the Union address Jan. 4 and will be the second president to complete it while on trial.