Driver’s education returns

Kayla Goldfarb, News Editor

New program plans to run outside of school


Freshman Brigid Duffy never doubted she would get her driver’s permit after her 15th birthday.

“I guess driving is just really important to me because it means that you can be independent,” she said.

For Duffy and her classmates, the new driver’s education curriculum will assure their future on the road.

Administrators recently announced the program will return despite cutting the class last year.

This year, the new course will run for seven sections after school and three sections during the summer.

The total cost of the course is $365, which includes the fee for mandatory behind-the-wheel training.

The restoration of the program was facilitated with  cooperation from Driver’s Education, Inc., which has provided behind-the-wheel  at Park for 15 years.

Allison Luskey, who will teach the after school sections of the program said she is thrilled to be able to continue to help students get their driving permits.

“I think the new system will draw a bigger variety of students who might not have been able to fit the old class into their schedule,” Luskey said.

However, Luskey said she believes students will overlook the long hours to complete driver’s education.

Similarly, Duffy, who plans to take the course during the summer said she is pleased with the addition of driver’s education classes outside of the school year.

“I’m really busy with sports and stuff so it’s great to not have to cram in driver’s (education)” she said. “I just can’t wait to actually get my permit now.”