School implements U.S. flag statute

Pledge of Allegiance to be recited weekly

School implements U.S. flag statute

Mimi Fhima, Ethan Brown, and Maggie Bahnson

Senior Noah Smith felt angered after hearing of the school’s policy to have students recite the Pledge of Allegiance weekly, citing students’ personal beliefs as his reasoning for opposing the procedure.

“I don’t like (the school reciting the pledge) at all,” Smith said. “It is encouraging something that isn’t necessary to encourage. Students can have their own beliefs and others shouldn’t be forced down upon them.”

According to Minnesota Statute 121A.11 United States Flag, all public schools are required to recite the pledge at least one time a week. This should be led either by the classroom teacher or over the school intercom system.

Principal Scott Meyers said the Pledge of Allegiance will be recited weekly at the high school.

“We follow the recommendations or mandates that are given to us, and so the mandate is that we have to do it,” Meyers said. “My understanding is that it has to be done weekly and so we are looking into seeing exactly how often, when and what time.”

We follow the recommendations or mandates that are given to us, and so the mandate is that we have to do it”

— Scott Meyers

Freshman Fahmo Jama said she respects the choice of others not to participate in reciting the pledge even though she doesn’t mind participating.

“I feel fine about doing it, but there are certain religions where people don’t feel like they should,” Jama said.

According to Meyers, students have the opportunity to opt-out of participating in the Pledge of Allegiance when it is being recited. Minnesota Statute 121A.11 also states that students and teachers have the right to decline to participate.

“It’s not mandated that students (say the pledge of allegiance). It’s mandated that schools do it, but participation is not mandated in terms that students have to,” Meyers said.

As a part of the student conduct and behavior requirements, it is also stated in the student handbook on page 17 that students are required to respect another’s right to choose whether or not they will participate.