‘The best of both worlds’

No, I’m not just white.
No, I’m not just black.
No, I’m not Mexican.
I am mixed, biracial, diverse.

No, I’m not ending racism.
No, I don’t have a better understanding of it either.

No, I don’t check African American.
No, I don’t check White.
I check the box labeled “other”.

I don’t fit in.
I don’t belong.
I am crowd-less.

I’m too white for blacks and
I’m too black for whites.

No, I’m not a flirt.
No, I’m not always crazy.
No, I don’t get angry that easily.
No, I don’t steal boyfriends.
No, I’m not too confident —
much the opposite.
Church? Yeah.

No, you don’t want my hair.
It’s hard to deal with.
Snarly, puffy, frizzy.
You don’t want that.

No, I’m not ashamed of my “black side”.
No, I’m not ashamed of my “white side”.
The “best of both worlds” isn’t the best.
It’s frustrating.

Yes, I’m good at sports.
Yes, I can dance.
I guess I’m relatively fast.
Yes, you can see my dry legs.
Yes, I still get tan.

No, I’m not rich or poor.
Why does it even matter?

I don’t care if you don’t know “what” I am.
I’m human.
That’s all that matters.

I’m black and white.
I’m “ghetto” and “preppy”.
I’m 2 in 1.
Deal with it.