Public’s news choice misplaced

Lack of current events knowledge unacceptable

Talia Lissauer

In today’s digital age it is not hard to gain access to any sort of news through the internet, social media or a friend. However, the type of news people are turning to is questionable. The issue with news is not only fake news, but it is also people going straight to celebrity news instead of current events.

Politics are a complicated and nasty subject for many people. However, it is extremely important that people are putting in the time to educate themselves on what is going on in the world. A story that seems complicated to understand is not a legitimate reason to not read the news because there are many resources available that simplify the information. It may take some extra time, but when someone isn’t educated on current events, they become oblivious to major worldwide or even local issues.

It is very common to read a clickbait story on something crazy a celebrity did last weekend instead of the story about a school shooting. The celebrity story is going to make a reader feel much happier than a story concerning a war will. However, the more upsetting story is the one that will likely make a greater impact on a person’s life. For the majority of people, a celebrity might as well be from another planet. There is no real connection or impact a person can make to that story.

News exists to inform a reader, it is meant to educate people and hopefully break down many complicated issues. News is what gives you the edited, factual, unbiased version of political events — tragedies like school shootings and war. The news gives you the information you need to exercise rights like voting, protesting or educating a reader on the actions of a political figure in their state or country elected.

Some of the most reliable news outlets are making it harder to access their online articles. With fewer and fewer people buying print newspapers, news organizations have to find other ways to make money and are turning to online fees. This drives readers in the direction of a possibly biased or fake article that could be spreading false information. This puts up a roadblock for many people trying to read the news that may turn for some free celebrity gossip.

Reading the news, no matter how boring, complicated or depressing is crucial, it is there to inform the public about local events or issues. there is no harm in being educated about your community or the world.