Vice President choosing Kamala Harris proves promising

California Senator takes on the nomination


Aisha Hersi

Previously, not knowing anything about Senator Kamala Harris, at the start my attention was focused on how the news outlets portrayed her. However, the 55-year-old major party national ticket withstands her morals and is a reassuring candidate. 

Being the daughter of an Indian mother and a Jamaican father, Harris embraces both her South Asian and black identities. Being of African descent myself, I praise her for embracing her mixed cultural heritage. There aren’t many women of color in political roles, which is why Harris’s position in this upcoming election has the potential to uplift many.

She is the woman who is needed to lead a police reform from the white house. “It is the effect of structural racism,” Harris said at the 2020 DNC, after informing the crowd of the need for police reform. She introduced police accountability legislation known as the Justice in Policing Act earlier this summer and went face to face with Republican Senator Rand Paul after he blocked a bill that would have made lynching a federal crime. Harris is now among Democrats sponsoring policing legislation that would ban chokeholds, racial profiling and no-knock warrants.

She continues to be a leading voice on racial injustices and inequality. Harris also voted to take executive actions on guns if elected and Congress failed to act within 100 days. As she says at the National Partnership for Women and ‘Families Gala’ 2017, “To tackle the challenges of the twenty-first century, we must empower women and families. If we do not lift up women and families, everyone will fall short.” The decisions Harris will make once in office will be for the good of the people. 

I’m hopeful that she will bring many ideas to this upcoming term, and they will remain memorable in regards to the strong leadership for women all over America. Many young women steadily watching Harris’s road to presidency unfold, will one day bear the same battles she had and will lean on her historical career. 

Harris is soon to face hardships in the upcoming election with not only her political beliefs but also because she is a woman of color. Although, Harris is not one to withdraw. As she tells us through her 2018 Commencement speech, “If anyone ever gets in your way and tells you to not follow your dreams — be it because of your age, gender, what you look like or where you come from — don’t listen.” Harris proceeds to live by her words, and that shows us that anyone can overcome obstacles in life, which proves she is fit to be Vice President.