Letter to the Editor

In light of local efforts to make our community more sustainable, I implore you to reconsider your ​environmentally irresponsible distribution policies.​ Unfortunately, after handing out newspapers to as many students as possible, most copies remain on lunchroom tables or get thrown away. The Echo is responsible for mitigating its environmental footprint. Below is a list of ways that the Echo could approach this responsibility:


  • Print fewer copies​. Over-distribution promotes unhealthy environmental standards. Instead of printing copies for every student, the Echo could reduce environmental costs by only printing one copy per table of students. This is hardly a radical revision as many students share the paper anyways.
  • Recollect newspapers for recycling​. Considering that most of the print copies are ultimately thrown into the garbage, the Echo should ensure that their product does not become waste. Particularly because it is unclear if the school actually recycles, the Echo should take it upon itself to do so independently.
  • Deprioritize print copies.As I recently learned from an Echo staffer, your newspaper gets far more viewership online than in print, which I applaud. Recognizing the environmental toll of paper consumption, even if other recommendations are heeded, it would still be better to focus exclusively, or at least predominantly, on digital publishing. Furthermore, after shifting from paper copies, the Echo could allocate even more effort into promoting online publications to balance the policy change.


I look forward to seeing the Echo hold itself environmentally accountable in the near future.


Eitan Weinstein