Our Perspective | Parking requires greater responsibility

When students turn into the school parking lot in the morning, finding a place to park shouldn’t be their greatest concern.

In accordance with a decision made earlier this year,  students now must park in the C lot instead of the long lot, but the snow left in the lot during winter draws attention to current problems surrounding the lot.

Since snow consistently blocks spaces in the parking lot, students should ensure they park properly within the spaces provided to maximize the space available to drivers.

Also, the school should reduce the ambiguity associated with parking by improving the labeling in the lot. Though the parking system changed last fall, the signs posted in the lot reserving spaces for teachers have not been revised or removed. This is confusing to students who can now park there.

To ensure spaces are used as intended, students who do not purchase parking passes should not plan to drive to school. Preventing people who have passes from using the lot is unfair.

According to the student handbook, students found parking without a permit will be given warning notices. The third time this occurs, the vehicle will be towed. To ensure fairness for student drivers, the school must enforce this rule more frequently.
Students who do have parking passes should help the school do this by visibly displaying their parking pass each day.

If both students and the school increase their dedication to keeping the parking lot accessible to those who pay for it, parking can be less stressful and timely for students and the faculty members responsible for maintaining its usefulness.

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