Staff Editorial: Voter registration drive educates students on civic duty

As the November midterm elections approach, students have organized an assembly to register eligible seniors to vote. The ACT club ran the event, with the help of a few independent student leaders.

The assembly will occur during Advisory Sept. 24. It will include three guest speakers, one of whom is a civil rights speaker. The assembly will focus on the importance of voting as well as working through the step-by-step process of registering to vote.

The Echo Editorial Board believes it is the civic duty of eligible citizens to vote in elections, as it helps give people a voice in their government. Political officials cannot represent the public if citizens choose to not vote.

Additionally, voting is a responsibility that is sometimes taken for granted. Voting should be a part of the system citizens understand as a privilege.

Although some may feel as though they are not knowledgeable enough on the current politics to vote, it should not deter students from voting. They need to educate themselves. This can be as simple as looking over political candidates’ websites or contacting political candidates.

The school has worked in the past to expose students to the process of voting through mock elections. By holding this voter registration drive, the school further emphasizes the importance of student voices.

The Editorial Board asks students to use problem-solving to find a way around any obstacles. If students need transportation, they can contact the party they plan to vote for, as they care about hearing citizen’s voices in politics and can get voters to the polls. The resources available at the drive will be accessible to seniors who miss the activity through the Minnesota Secretary of State.

In order to continue the movement to get students voting, the Editorial Board urges students to continue the conversation around voting and voter registration. It is vital as a senior to attend Wednesday’s voter registration drive, to educate yourself and to vote this November.