Brothers bond

Elliot Christopher finds new ways of connecting with his visually impaired brother from China

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Brothers bond

Emily Tifft

Sophomore Elliot Christopher is one of six brothers and two of them were adopted from China.

Christopher said he loves all of his brothers and finds it easy for them to be apart of the family.

“It is fun having them around, they fit in, they feel like my normal brothers. I don’t look at them as adopted brothers. I feel like they are just as close as my blood brothers,” Christopher said.

Christopher said his older adopted brother, Jamison, is blind and he tries to bond with him in as many ways as possible.

“The only brother I feel different with is Jamison because there are not as many activities that we can do together, there aren’t as many ways that we can bond,” Christopher said.  “I’m always looking for different activities to do with Jamison.”

Christopher said he helps engage Jamison in sports and other activities to bond with him further.

“Since Jamison is blind he can’t do as many things as my other brothers, so we have to find different ways to get him involved in activities,” Christopher said. “He plays a sport called Beepball. It is like baseball except it is for people who can no longer see. When the pitcher throws the ball, it beeps so they can hear it.”

Christopher said his adopted brothers do not change the fact that they are a family and they simply add to the character of his family.

“I’d say we are all closely knit, we are a pretty big family,” Christopher said. “Basically we are like any other family.”

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