Student council finishes Homecoming preparations

Students look forward to Homecoming week


Anika Hanson

Seniors Daisy Widboom, Madison McIntosh and Violet Huber cheer at the pep fest Sept. 14. Homecoming week has activities and dress codes every day leading up to the dance 7 p.m. Sept 22.

Rachel Salzer, Emma Leff, and Anika Hanson

As the 2018 Homecoming week quickly approaches, students eagerly await the week packed with activities. Homecoming week activities are open to all students with the goal of bringing the student body together.

Student Council co-president, senior Cailey Hanson-Mahoney explains how much work goes into the extensive preparations, especially when Homecoming is earlier in the year.

“(Planning Homecoming week is) really stressful even if you start planning in the summer. There’s just a lot of things you can’t do until the school year starts,” Hanson-Mahoney said.

Homecoming week activities include a pep fest, coronation, the football game and more. Hansen-Mahoney said these activities are a great way to bring the entire student body together.

“It’s going to be super exciting and I think there’s a lot more park pride this year, so I hope a lot of people will do dress codes and come to events,” Hanson-Mahoney said.

Freshman Sophia Romero said she is excited for her first Homecoming week.

“I’m obviously looking forward to the football game and the dance. (I am) really excited to finally experience (the football game) as a high schooler. I’m also kind of looking forward to the activities like the movie in the park,” said Romero.

While freshmen get ready for their first Homecoming week, seniors like Aidan Henry prepare for their last.

“I plan on participating in all of (the activities) to make the most out of my senior year,” said Henry, “I am really excited for a win at the Homecoming game.”

Homecoming week activities kick off with coronation at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 17 at the St. Louis Park High School stadium.