Senior commits to The University of St. Thomas

Claudia Stone to swim Division III


Hayley Westwood

Claudia Stone swims freestyle against Richfield Sep. 27. Park won 93-81.

Rachel Salzer

As it gets closer to the end of another school year, more and more seniors start deciding the next step in their future. For senior Claudia Stone, committing to swim at the University of St. Thomas felt like the right thing to do.

Stone said she has been swimming since the age of 5 and decided to swim in college because she wasn’t ready to give it up.

“I felt like I wasn’t quite done. I like the sport, and I want that social pathway into college too,” Stone said.

Stone’s teammate, senior Mazie Lainsbury, said her favorite part of swimming with Stone is the energy and motivation she brings to the team.

“My favorite part about swimming with Claudia is how motivated she is and how much energy she brings to practices and meets,” Lainsbury said.

Head coach Amanda Forsberg said the best part about coaching Stone is how she encourages her teammates to do their best.

“She’s very dedicated to the sport and to the team,” Forsberg said. “She’s always motivating those around her, and she not only cares about how she’s doing, but how her teammates are doing.”

Forsberg said she acknowledges how much extra passion Stone gives to her team.

“She puts a lot of time and effort to make sure everyone around her is ready and prepared and kind of mentally ready for their races,” Forsberg said.

According to Lainsbury, Stone will bring her leadership and decision-making skills to her new team at the University of St. Thomas.

“I think the biggest thing she will bring to her new team is leadership,” Lainsbury said. “She’s a very good leader, and she knows how to lead people in a way that is not bossy. She is also very good at making decisions.”

Aside from swimming, Stone said she is looking forward to a new group of people and being in an environment that is different than high school.

“Meeting new people and having a different experience is what I am most looking forward to (at college),” Stone said.