Track season starts off strong

Team welcomes new members


Ava Ashby

Junior Rachel Pope practices hurdles March 14. Park’s first meet is 4 p.m. April 6 at the Chanhassen high school.

Track season has great potential this year because there are many new members, according to coach Wyatt Scheu.

“Going into this year, we have a lot more kids signed up (than last year). Yesterday, the amount of kids that were at practice was very surprising in a great way,” Scheu said. “I think it’s going to open up some doors for people.”

Senior captain Alma Beaton said she hopes track is a positive experience for the new additions to the team.

“I hope more kids come out to join and stay. We had a good turnout on Monday, but a lot of kids (tend to) quit the first couple of weeks into the season. Hopefully the environment is positive enough that we can have a solid group,” Beaton said.

Senior Carlos Anguita Smith said in order to have a successful season, it is fundamental for the team to get to know each other and cooperate. 

“The important thing to know is getting to know everyone else because there are a lot of new people this year,” Anguita Smith said. “It’s going to be important to know everyone and how we can work together to get better.”

Senior captain Thomas Hanson said he wants to work harder so he can compete better.

“I’m very good at putting in a lot of hours of work, but time is becoming more of a commodity, and so it needs to be higher quality work,” Hanson said. “I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to compete again … hopefully I’ll do well.”

I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to compete again.”

— Thomas Hanson

According to Scheu, his biggest hope for this season is for the team to have fun.

“If you’re not having fun with your sport, it doesn’t matter how well you do,” Scheu said. “I just want kids to walk away saying they had a blast and this was something they don’t have any regrets doing.”

Beaton’s goal is to use track as a way to train for other sports while also setting personal records.

“I’m trying to use track to get in shape for soccer season. Hopefully that means when I put more effort into the workouts, I would also get a faster time,” Beaton said. “I’m also hoping to break a personal record.”

Forging and maintaining friendships is a major reason why track is enjoyable, according to Anguita Smith.

“I made a lot of friends here,” Anguita Smith said. “I’m looking forward to getting out there and competing with my friends.”

Track’s first meet is 4 p.m. March 25 at the University of Minnesota Field House.