Staying safe in football

The importance of taking caution


Abby Meisler

On Sept. 9, a high school football player from Brainerd suffered a traumatic brain injury which left him partially paralyzed. This incident is not a first in high school football, as many players end up with concussions and other head related trauma. After hearing this story, many parents and families are concerned for their own kids’ safety playing high school football. 

After talking to some of the players on the football team, I learned that the football community at Park still felt safe playing football. They explained that there are numerous ways for them to stay safe while playing. The coaches teach the players how to tackle safely and give the team what they need to succeed.

Park and other high schools in the metropolitan area have a variety of safety precautions. Our football program provides each player with the equipment they need to keep themselves safe. All of the gear that the players wear has to be checked to make sure everything fits right. Our coaches enforce the players to remember to be wearing all of their gear and not forget any equipment. One player said that if anyone is ever hurt they can always go to the athletic trainer and are given the time they need to recover. After speaking with multiple players, I can see the precautions that our school takes to protect the football community.