Meet the Athlete: Annie Breyak

Rodolfo Zarate

How long have you been doing synchronized swimming?

I started synchro in second grade, but I’ve been swimming with the high school since seventh grade.

What’s your favorite thing about synchronized swimming?

I really like all the people in this sport. It’s like the community is kind of like a little family, and we all support each other.

How do you prepare yourself before events?

We do something called decking which is like drilling the routine you have on land, and then we all listen to music and get pumped up.

What made you interested in doing synchronized swimming?

My sister did it when she was little so I just kind of followed in her footsteps.

What are your favorite synchro memories?

Definitely, the team’s sleepovers are really fun because you get to meet new friends, hang out and have a good time.

What is the hardest thing about synchro?

Honestly, all of it’s really hard because you have to be able to hold your breath all the time and hold your body underwater because you can’t touch the bottom, so it’s just a very big challenge.

How does synchro differ from other sports?

Synchro is kind of a combination of a lot of sports because it’s like speed swimming, and people have described it as like running a mile while holding weights and holding your breath.

Do you plan on doing synchro after high school?

If the college I choose to go to has synchro, I’ll definitely do it, or I would look into it starting it there, but I’m not gonna make my decision based off if they have synchro because not a lot of schools have that.

What are you looking forward to this season?

I would say probably State because we go to State every year, and that’s a really fun experience because it’s all day for two days and you get to see a bunch of other teams and meet new people.