Boys’ swimming begins captains’ practice without pool

Liability insurance policy needed

Dani Orloff and Atticus Raasch

As junior Adam Recknagel catches a frisbee pass, he can’t help but wonder as to why his swimming team isn’t practicing in the pool.

The St. Louis Park School District’s Facility Use Procedure 13-14 states the requirements for community use of schools’ facilities. According to section E., Liability Insurance, under section II., Responsibility, any groups interested in utilizing the swimming facilities must have liability insurance.

“All organizations using school district premises are required to furnish a certificate confirming liability insurance in the minimum amounts of $500,000 per person and $1,000,000 per occurrence,” section E. states. “We also require that St. Louis Park School District #283 be named as an additional insured and certificate holder.”

Recknagel said the school’s policy limiting the team from swimming before the season is unnecessary.

“I think the school is concerned with us possibly drowning,” Recknagel said. “It’s odd though; I think that is a silly risk, as we have one or two licensed lifeguards on the team. Also, we swim for two hours a day.”

Senior captain Nils Rykken said the boys’ team has been playing ultimate frisbee during its captains’ practices.

“We just had our first captains’ practice,” Rykken said. “We ended up just going outside and playing ultimate frisbee for an hour and a half. It’s more fun than serious.”

Recknagel said his team is satisfied with the break from swimming.

“We’re fine with it; actually it’s kind of a break for us. We’re able to throw some frisbees around,” Recknagel said.

According to Rykken, the team will be in good shape because of its offseason efforts.

“Physically, (not swimming is) not terrible. A lot of the swimmers do club swimming,” Rykken said. “For some of the newbies, it would be kind of nice to get into the water before the season actually starts.”

Junior first year swimmer Tommy Guddal said the policy may be difficult for new swimmers.

“I understand the concern, but it definitely does hinder anyone who is new or not doing an off season program,” Guddal said. “They have to go into the pool with virtually no practice.”

Rykken said new swimmers often adapt quickly to unexpected situations.

“I think we’ll be very well prepared,” Rykken said. “A lot of us do outside training, and those of us that don’t usually pick up pretty quick. I think it’ll be good.”

Guddal said although short of practice, he feels confident about the season.

“Despite no swimming practices, I feel good going into the season because I have received advice from friends I have on the team,” Guddal said.