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Maddie Lund
This is Maddie Lund signing on. If you haven't heard, I drive a car nicknamed the "Wet Dog" and I will #swoop you whenever so you can sit inside the tangible humidity that is my car. I enjoy surfin' up the turf in my sexy lax jersey in the spring, and by fall I'll have whipped out my tennis racket for some bangin' singles matches (I'm lookin for a partner;)). When I'm not sweating all over the tennis courts or my car, you can find me wishing I had hobbies. I used to be a baller and I still drop 3s for living, but now I'm in a competitive reading club where our main book genres are romance and historical fiction. I also participate in Jesus trivia and purify myself in Holy water 3x a week. I'm so pumped for the school year and can't wait to meet more people and spend more time on echo! Peace out -Mads

Maddie Lund, Writer, Designer, Photographer

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Dec 12, 2014
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