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Samyu Yenamandra
Hello, average laymen! I'm Samyu and if you think you're better at math, you're not. I'm the local UMTYMP rockstar here so I pretty much run the show, and you might even be able to snag my autograph if I feel like it. In a few years I'll have created the next Khan Academy except with a lot more swag - its gonna be bangin'. You either want me, or want to be me. I've pretty much already been accepted to Stanford - I have the sweatshirt to prove it and I spent my summer on campus, not to brag. I'm also the cutest person you will ever meet and chances are everybody likes me more than youuuuuu. I enjoy being in a nature (best place to get through all of my math homework of course!!) and if you don't hammock we can't be friends. I won't help you will with your homework so don't ask (but I sell test answers on the black math market so hmu @water_VAPEr_god_samyu). You'll find me on the front of Time Magazine already accepting the Nobel Peace Prize at 16 years of age and I was voted Most Eligible Bachelorette of the Ivy Leagues.


Samyukta Yenamandra

Samyu Yenamandra, Writer, Photographer

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