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Senior Kailey DeLozier signs her commitment to Seattle University for Division 1 swimming. She signed the contract Nov. 9.

Student athletes sign letters of intent

According to athletic director Andy Ewald, numerous student athletes has signed letters of intent, committing to participate in athletics at the postsecondary level.

Ewald said student athletes often sign their letter of intent to a school early if they have already made their decision, so the school knows there is still interest.

“Most people get it taken care of right away because the school, if you are not interested, they want to move on to the next kid,” Ewald said.

Ewald said the actual letter acts as a legal bind once signed and received by the school, but only for Division one and two.

“If it is a Division three school, there is nothing binding with it,” Ewald said.  “If it is a Division two or a Division one school …once (the student has) signed (the letter of intent) and sent that back, it is a legal binding agreement between the school and between the kid that ‘yes I am coming here’ and from the school’s end it is ‘yes we are giving you x amount of money for athletics for your first year’ and then typically scholarships are renewed yearly after that.” 

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