Distance Learning is the best way to keep people safe

Safety is important for the entire community

Shaydi Falcon

With the pandemic going on, one of the main problems for schools is choosing between distance learning and hybrid learning. The better option is distance learning as there would be more safety for students, staff and their families.

Because some students live with family members that may have compromised immune systems, it could be disastrous for the student to be put in an environment where they could be exposed to COVID-19.

Though it may be hard in some aspects of distance learning, it would be the safest way to keep all students safe from COVID-19.

As for needing extra help on work, there are many ways for one to get the help they may need. For instance, if the best way to get in contact with a teacher is by emailing them, then that’s what one does. People can try to set up a time for a one-on-one lesson over Zoom.

As a sophomore, I believe the distance learning model is the best way to go. Though it may not be ideal, it is the best way to keep all students safe during this pandemic. There are going to be some hard times during distance learning, but there are multiple resources to help students.

These resources include teachers, other students, grade counselors and Grade level coordinators (GLC). To find out how to contact your counselor or GLC, look on the St. Louis Park High School website.

With the distance model, there is more flexibility for students who are busy with other things, like work or sports. Overall, the distance learning model would be beneficial to all, with the amount of flexibility and the amount of safety it provides the students.