Yoga club gains popularity

Sessions provide new community


Emily Ziessman

Sophomores Liz Madigan, Elizabeth Orton, Keely Berntsen and Mimi Kniser participate in yoga club before school March 28 as a way to destress before the hectic school day. The club meets every Thursday morning before school in the old gym and is led by math teacher, Bobby Otto.

Sophomore Keely Berntsen said yoga club has been a comforting and centering addition to her daily routine.

“I like how it’s calming and a good start to the day and it gets me in a good place for the rest of the day,” Berntsen said. “I feel better throughout the day and less stressed.”

Yoga club adviser Bobby Otto said he noticed an improvement in his day after beginning it with yoga.

“My day is just brightened when we have yoga in the morning,” Otto said. “It’s a good relaxing way to start your day, you kind of get loosened up and you kind of get warmed up for the day without having to do much.”

According to Otto, the club has been meeting every Thursday morning before school since Feb. 21.

“It’s been so much fun. The people that have been coming have really gotten into it. They’re really enjoying it,” Otto said. “It’s fun to teach and it’s fun to do yoga, so I like spreading that joy to other people.”

Sophomore Mimi Kniser said she values the community yoga club has inspired.

“I really enjoy it. My favorite part is how everyone who comes is always friendly, in a good mood and just want to have fun together.”

Otto said the attendance numbers for the club have risen weekly.

“We’ve had slightly more people every time, this is our fourth week and we’ve had about two more people each day,” Otto said.

Berntsen said she intends on continuing to go to yoga club in the future.

“This is only my second time coming, but I plan to keep going for the rest of the weeks,” Bernsten said.

According to Kniser, Otto’s guidance gives the yoga club meetings a professional ambience.

“(Otto) is a really good leader. It seems like he is just a normal yoga instructor at Life Time, not a math teacher.”