Girls’ tennis sweeps Robbinsdale 7-0

Team hones mental game during match against Robbinsdale Cooper


DaeBreona Byrd

Junior Susi Hu hits a cross-court backhand against Robbinsdale Cooper. Hu has been on the team for three years and plays in the fourth singles spot.

Eli Curran-Moore and Anna duSaire

As the girls’ tennis team headed off of the courts, no one seemed too surprised at the 7-0 win against Robbinsdale Cooper, according to head coach David Breitenbucher.

Breitenbucher said, following the Sept.14 loss to Benilde 5-2, he was pleased with the results of the match despite the lack of competition.

“It went well. The competition wasn’t great, but we took care of business and we won 7-0 so it was another win,” Breitenbucher said. “Sometimes it’s hard to have a opponent that’s not as good, and sometimes I worry that we play down to our opponents, but I thought they focused. I think they did ok.”

Junior Susanna Hu said she felt a noticeable difference between the match against Benilde and Cooper.

“(The match against Cooper) went a lot better because I ended up winning, but I think Benilde challenged me more and it was really good to have a challenge,” Hu said. “(This match) was fun because I love tennis. I love the sport.”

Senior Lillie Albright said she noticed more confidence from the team during the match against Cooper.

“This match (against Cooper) I definitely think everyone was more relaxed in this match because we’re not rivals and we’re confident in our ability to beat them,” Albright said.

According to Breitenbucher, the match against Cooper was an opportunity for the players to focus on improving specific skills.

“For example Mimi Fhima is playing (third singles) right now, and she is much better than the Cooper girl, but I told her to go out and forget about the Cooper girl, to just go out and work on stuff you need to work on,” Breitenbucher said.

Hu said although she is pleased with her performance in her recent match, she still has room for improvement.

“It was 6-0, 6-0, I won both sets. I think I played well. I thought my serves were pretty good, and my own returns we’re pretty good,” Hu said. “I need (to) improve my forehand aiming down the line and getting more topspin on my hits.”

Albright said she would like to see the team be more confident in their abilities when facing competitive teams and create a more relaxed team atmosphere.

“We could use some of that (confidence) when we play Benilde in sections because I think we put so much pressure on that match that people may have made some unforced errors just out of playing cautiously,” Albright said.

The next match will take place at 4:15 pm Sept. 26 at Bloomington Jefferson High Schools.