Cross Country keeps the pace

Team holds top position against tough competition


Sophomore Kaia Myers moves up in her position during the 5k race at the cross country conference meet. Photo used with permission by Jill Kraemer.

A scorching and dusty day was unable to stop the cross country team’s success, according to senior varsity runner Tommy Guddal.

“It was a hot and dry day but overall we did pretty well,” Guddal said. “We were hoping for a little more, but we had problems with injuries and it was a very tough day out on the course so we were happy with our standing.”

According to head coach Chris Nordstrom, the team is satisfied with how they held top five positions in conference.

“It was a good way to close out that part of the season and I was really satisfied with their effort and determination with pushing though.”

Sophomore runner Kaia Myers said that the team accomplished their goals for the meet.

“Our team did really well at conference. We accomplished all of the goals we wanted to,” Myers said.

According to, girls’ varsity finished third out of eight and boys’ varsity finished fifth out of eight.

Sophomore runner Nebyu Bekele said he believes that the team fought to hold top positions.

“(The team) did extremely well; they fought hard and they stuck together,” Bekele said. “As a team in general we did amazing.”

According to Guddal, the things the team wants to fix can be done during Sections.

“Overall I think we feel good, I know I feel good,” Guddal said. “I say some people wanted a little bit more and we can go do that at Sections which is something really easy to fix.”

The Sections cross country meet takes place 3:45 p.m. Oct. 25th at Gale Woods Farm.