Eighth grade cross country runner makes State

Josie Mosby becomes first runner to compete since 2006


Ella Hammerstrand

Sophomores Carissa Prestholdt and Kaia Myers run alongside fellow teammate eighth-grader Josie Mosby to help her train for the state meet Nov. 4.

According to girls’ cross country assistant coach Jill Kraemer, eighth grader Josie Mosby was the first cross country runner since 2006 to qualify for the State cross country meet.

“(Mosby) is the first person to make it to State as an individual girl in 12 years so that’s a humongous thing for our team,” Kraemer said.

Assistant coach Kelson Mackenzie stated that Mosby was definitely going to do well State. He added that Mosby’s performance at Sections against competitors from other schools ended up securing her a spot at the State meet.

“I am really pumped (that Mosby is going to State), there was always the hope that you know it could happen,” Mackenzie said. “She went out and took care of business, she was really fun to watch.”

Sophomore Kaia Myers said the team is excited that Mosby got to State.

“There was the huge excitement of Josie going to State since she is the first to go to state since 2006 from the cross country team,” Myers said.

Mosby said some of the challenges of getting into State began at Sections because there was pressure to do well.

“We have a really hard Section, so I knew I had to run better than I had ever had to have a chance (at making State),” Mosby said. “It just felt like there was a lot of pressure going into it.”

Mackenzie said Mosby will be very competitive with the other runners at the competition. He added that Mosby will be a competitor at the State competition since a lot of her competition will come from within their own section.

“We come out of one of the most competitive Sections, so there’s a lot of fast girls in the top tier, but (Mosby) is definitely going to be very competitive,” Mackenzie said.

Mosby said she is motivated to do her best and she hopes to get a personal record at the meet. 

“Beating personal records are the best thing ever,” Mosby said. “Some of the girls that are ranked highest in the state and country are really inspirational.”