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‘American Vandal’ goes beyond immature humor

Fair use from Netflix

Abby Intveld

September 30, 2018

Leading up to the release of season two, I was nervous that “American Vandal” wouldn’t live up to the success of its first season. But within the first five minutes of the show, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. “American Vandal” season two follows the student detectives Sam Ecklund (...

“American Vandal” provides eight episodes of laughter

Abby Intveld

October 29, 2017

“American Vandal” follows the fictional student-led investigation regarding a vandalization of 27 teachers’ cars with phallic images, in which senior class clown Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro) is accused. Mocking another Netflix original “Making a Murderer”, “American Vandal” succeeds in be...

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“American Vandal”