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Road salts should be banned

Road salts should be banned

Emma Leff

December 21, 2018

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Every winter, approximately 365,000 tons of de-icing materials are dumped onto roads, driveways and sidewalks in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, according to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Although this improves traction on these surfaces, it puts the environment and pets at risk. The use of road salt needs to be s...

Sophomore starts sixth year of sport

Sophomore starts sixth year of sport

Sofie Geretz

June 1, 2018

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According to sophomore Raphaela Slager, her love of skating began when she was in fifth grade. She said she discovered the sport when she tried it out with her sister. “There was a day off (of school), and my sister had skating lessons,” Raphaela Slager said. “I was testing it out, and I liked...

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