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District pursues plans for COVID-19

Photo illustration by Kaia Myers. A light switch is disinfected March 10.

Marta Hill, Isabel Kjaer, and Kaia Myers

March 13, 2020

This story is accurate as of 12:55 p.m. March 13. As COVID-19 continues its spread, Superintendent Astein Osei said the district persists with its planning, including daily disinfecting by custodians, limiting volunteers in buildings and barcoding Chromebooks for student use. “We're doing a lot...

West End plans for new apartment building

New apartments in the West End remain under construction. The apartments will add 207 new dwellings to St. Louis Park.

Sophie Olmen

January 22, 2019

According to junior Caitlin Seaman, having the Luxe Residential apartment building will offer more more housing options for people in the community. “I think it’s good there will be more living options for people in St. Louis Park, and it will bring in more young people that will work in the cit...

Minneapolis 2040 Plan passes vote

Minneapolis 2040 Plan passes vote

Ethan Meisler

December 23, 2018

According to Paul Mogush, manager of community planning for the city of Minneapolis and manager of Minneapolis 2040, the Minneapolis 2040 Plan has been revised and officially passed the final City Council vote. “The plan has gone through three major stages of revisions. We received comments fro...

Climate Action Plan takes hold

Senior Katie Christiansen speaks in support of the Climate Action Plan before the St. Louis Park City Council Feb. 5.

Gabriel Kaplan

September 12, 2018

The St. Louis Park Climate Action Plan, adopted in February of 2018, has already begun to take effect throughout the city. The plan was formed by the City Council and was spurred on by lobbying from Park’s Roots and Shoots environmental club. The plan’s three “kick-start projects” will jum...

Request for seniors’ plans after high school

May 1, 2018

The Echo newspaper is putting together a list of seniors’ plans after high school. Please fill out this form to be included in the list. If you fill out the form by May 5, you will be entered into a raffle for two chipotle gift cards. ...

Roots and Shoots continues to promote sustainability

Senior Lukas Wrede and iMatter director Larry Kraft discussion options for a Climate Action Plan launch party during a Roots & Shoots meeting on Feb. 12.

Avia Kaner-Roth and Isaac Wert

February 19, 2018

Following the successful adoption of the Climate Action Plan by St. Louis Park’s City Council, Park’s Roots and Shoots club looks to expand their sustainability campaigns this spring, according to senior club leader Lukas Wrede. “We’re about to try a door-to-door campaign for wind sourcin...

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